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and Industry Recognition

(My SGI Patent plaque is in storage so this is a placeholder, but here’s the document)

5 Star Average Since 2009

Steve W.
I have been utilizing VoxLux's services for over 10 years and continue to be impressed with their skill, tenacity, and good results. I enthusiastically recommend them for all your IT needs. Steve Westrate Menlo Park, CA
Alice D.
I contacted Xavier in a state of panic. It was the end of Fall semester and I had three on-line classes to finish teaching and a computer with a flickering screen. Thanks to Xavier, I was able to move smoothly into my new computer and learn a few new tricks along the way. Besides the fact that he really knows computers, what I appreciate about working with Xavier is his respect for the customer. I have had too many experiences where tech support is in overdrive telling me how I should set up my desk top or arrange my files. Xavier is a pro, but he doesn't expect or need his customers to be . After all, we come to him for help. He is easy to talk to and patient when explaining things. I highly recommend Vox Lux for Mac support!
Sita R.
I got a new MacBook Air and tried to transfer data from my old MacBook Pro and set it up myself. Bad idea. Xavier to the rescue. He was able to work remotely and get everything up and running smoothly. Besides that he is a really affable, easy to talk to person. And he is kind, which computer impaired people like me really appreciate.
Asha P.
Todd is phenomenally good. No matter how obscure the problem, or how complicated the fix, Todd always has an answer! I was fortunate to find him quite a few years ago and being able to call him has changed the whole landscape. He can access a computer from a distance and is usually available within a day after you call him, often within hours. So problems are solved because they really become a hindrance. If there were more than 5 stars I would give him ALL of them.
Alyse S.
Todd is one of the brightest computer technicians I have ever had! He is beyond knowledgeable, and so bright. I would highly recommend him! In fact the clinic where I work hired him to help fix our computer problems even though he lives 4 hours away! Highest praise!!!
Jim E.
Todd is "the man". He's helped me countless times over the years and most recently when my laptop died on me. Because he can work on my computer remotely it's a win win for both of us for time savings. It blows my mind how much he knows.
Jon S.
Todd has been my IT guy for the past 7 or 8 years and will hopefully be with me for a few more decades. I'm an independent consultant so my needs are probably not the most demanding, but when I need something done, I generally need it done right away and with a minimum of time and fuss. Todd has been a consistently responsive, reliable and effective problem solver. On occasion, he'll give me more information than I want to know, but I consider that a foible at worst, a virtue at best. (Sometimes I actually do need to understand what he's doing!)
Nancy M.
I am so happy to have Todd to turn to whenever I have an iMac problem. I have consulted him three times since 2015. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and capable. He can solve problems by remote, which is a definite advantage. My computer is in better shape after he's cleaned up the system, cleared up the issues, and checked on the overall operation of the computer. And he's patient with questions, explanations, and instruction, which is important to the less technology oriented.
Ellin C.
We are so lucky to have found Todd. He is very responsive and got our new system up and running in a busy optometric practice. Our last IT person could not fix our server issues and did not offer any solutions, only excuses. Todd not only solved our problems but we have not had any issues for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend Todd for all your IT needs.