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VoxLux Clients

30+ Years in Silicon Valley

Xavier (aka Todd), began his career in the first wave of AI at Lockheed then NASA as a research programmer.  Next he moved into video effects software development at Accom/Scitex, and then Silicon Graphics as a Solutions Engineer.  He then shifted into digital media services supporting clients including Sony, Intel, Stanford and Yahoo.  

Around 2007 he worked as a contractor providing general IT and Technical Support for small business, and residential support for clients ranging from  CEO’s, CTO’s and doctors to bankers, plumbers, writers and homemakers.

In 2015 Xavier founded VoxLux to continue this work, and is now expanding into AI Consulting and Solutions.

Service you can count on
Lightning fast response times

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guaranteed to solve your problems
and leave you with a smile



Prompt, Reliable, Trustworthy


Courteous, Respectful, Considerate


Persistent, FocusedSolution Guaranteed


Also an Artist and Out-of-the-Box Thinker
Why VoxLux?

30 Years of
Industry Awards and
5 Star Reviews

While working in the Silicon Valley high tech world Xavier received several awards and letters of recommendation from corporate leaders such as NASA, IMAX, The Post Group, and was included on a patent while at SGI.

Since starting VoxLux that same drive for excellence shows mainly through Yelp reviews.  VoxLux is not a turnstyle type support company instead focusing on high-quality, long-term relationships.

Client Reviews

"Todd [Xavier] did great work for us.  He was thorough, meticulous in paying attention to details that matter, and I observed that he actually wants everything to work as they should.  That seems like a no brainer, but I have not always seen that kind of drive in all tech support folks I've dealt with."
Dr. Nadinne C.
Higher Education Professional
"Over the few months I have been at EZShield, you have been one of my most used contacts in Palo Alto, and one of the ones easiest to work with."
Jeff P.
VP Strategic Partnerships, EZShield
"I now spend many hours daily reading these digital records that you have helped me with. It is all working great. If and when my current book project comes to fruition, you will be one of the people I will acknowledge for giving me invaluable assistance."
Dr. Yuma T.
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
Technical Solutions since 1991… now with the Power of AI!